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Community development

Al-Qalam is based in a unique urban area which is full of heritage buildings in the heart of historic Cairo, at the top of a hill that is facing both Sultan Hassan and Al-Refa’i Mosques in Darb Al-Labana in the historic district Al-Khalifa.

Al-Qalam strives to make a significant and long-term impact on this area and to recover the beauty of Darb Al-Labana, which is known as “the Montmartre of citadel/ Montmartre Al-Qala’a”, to make it again the destination for amateur and professional artists. Moreover, Al-Qalam aims at providing Al-Khalifa residents with workshops in Islamic and traditional Arts to help them increase their incomes by earning money from selling their products.

 Al-Qalam aspires at being integrated with the tourism sector by cooperating with travel agencies to highlight the huge production of the Artworks left by the Egyptian school in both fields of Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Ornaments.