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عبدالله جمال

Abdullah Jamal, Business Development Executive

Abd Allah has attended many faculties, The Faculty of Arabic Language in 2015 then he moved to the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Al Azhar University in 2017 and finally joined the Faculty of Management Information Systems at Suez in 2020 He started his volunteering path at Sunaa’ Al Haya Misr (Egypt Life Makers) in 2014, where he was responsible for data management, central fundraising management, graphic design, social media management and content development. Abd Allah has developed his skills in voice commentary, sales, project operation and management. He also worked for a number of development projects and institutions.Abd Allah constantly participates in developing Al-Qalam projects and extending the scope of its activities.He started working for Al-Qalam in 2019 as a Manager of informal programs then he worked with us as business developer. AbdAllah always provides support to our platform management, graphic design. Currently, he is doing video editing for Arabic Calligraphy Endowment