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عبدالله محمد

Abdullah Mohamed

An Egyptian designer and decorator whose technical education refined him with the skills needed to work in the design field.His passion for art led him to collect drawing and decoration books, and pay attention to this field, until he joined the Editio Electrum design studio at the Islamic Thesaurus Association.His work, and the studio director David Sutton, provided him with a conscious understanding of the art of Islamic motifs. This qualified him for success in embodying the ideas of the original heritage designs when were reproduced in digital copies.This period was a major reason for his interest in the art of Mamluk decoration.He started visiting and studying ancient Egyptian mosques with distinctive architecture and decoration. He is an expert in the art of gilding, as he was trained by experts in this art, and he was also honored to design and decorate paintings of great calligraphers in Egypt and abroad.