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إسلام رمضان

Islam Ramadan

He is an Arabic calligraphy artist and trainer. He works as a customer accountant in the private sector. He graduated from the faculty of commerce, accounting department, Cairo University in 2012. He has studied the Arabic calligraphy for 4 years along with his studies. He has got a diploma in Arabic calligraphy in 2013. Islam has continued his learning journey after the diploma and has received an authorization in “Riqaa”, “Diwani” and “Diwani Jali” calligraphies. He aims to get the authorization in the rest of the calligraphy fonts, in order to revive the honorable tradition. Islam has been organizing workshops for the cursive fonts of the Arabic calligraphy for 4 years. He has participated in many art exhibitions in Egypt, as well as in an international exhibition in Kazakhstan. He has received the third prize during the third session of Cairo calligraphy forum, and also an incentive award in Khodeir el- Port-Saidy international competition. In 2019, he joined the “Executive calligrapher” scholarship to study 4 types of Kufic fonts, and a preliminary study of some traditional crafts. Islam is passionate by preserving the cultural heritage of the Arabic calligraphy, as well as learning and teaching it on right bases. He works on merging it with other arts.