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محمد أبو موسى

Mohamed Hassan abu musa

“ artist” graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Menoufia in 2005, in the same year he obtained a diploma in Arabic calligraphy as he ranked first at the level of the Republic, in 2007 he obtained a diploma in specialization in Arabic calligraphy and gilding – first place, he is currently working as an artistic supervisor and teacher of the art of Arabic calligraphy at the School of Arabic Calligraphy, Abu Moussa has years of experience in the manufacture of Arabic calligraphy tools and their raw materials such as inks, pens and papers, in addition to his experience in the manufacture of watercolors “ebru”, decoration, water and oil decorative paints, and the manufacture of printing inks. Producing his tools with the highest quality and lowest price, and participating in the spread and renaissance of Arabic calligraphy.