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رضا الأنور

Reda El-Anwar

Professor of Arabic calligraphy and a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Syndicate of Calligraphers.He was born in Al-Muizz Cairo, Al-Gamaleya neighborhood. From a young age he loved Islamic heritage, architecture and Arabic calligraphy.He freely studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, and studied Arabic calligraphy at the Academy of Arabic Calligraphy in Bab Al-Luq and obtained a diploma in Arabic calligraphy in 1994.He obtained a diploma in Islamic decoration and kufic calligraphy and a diploma of specialization in 2009.He participated with his artwork at the First Salon of Youth 1990, followed by the salon of the National Society for Fine Arts.He also participated in several local participations, such as: the Cairo International Festival, the Luxor International Forum, the Cairo International Forum, and international countries in Georgia and Kazakhstan.Reda has received many appreciation and recognition from local and international artistic bodies.He also obtained a license in Al-Reqaa Calligraphy, from the Al-Halqa Foundation for Islamic Heritage.In his artistic journey, he was influenced by a large number of calligraphers, such as, Mohamed Abdel Qader, Mohamed Hammam, Khudair Al-Borsaidi, Munir Rabat … and others.