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صلاح عبدالخالق

Salah Mahmoud Abdul-Khaliq

Born in September 1963, EgyptHe began teaching calligraphy and decoration under the supervision of Professor Ismail Darwish in 1974, and the Sheikh of calligraphers, Professor Muhammad Abdul Qadir.He was taught the Kufic Kairouan in Tunisia by the calligrapher Amer Bin-Jeddo.He got a Diploma in Arabic Calligraphy from the Academy of Arabic Calligraphy in Cairo 1995 and another Diploma in Specialization and Gilding from the Academy of Arabic Calligraphy in 1999He worked as a historical interior designer for Egyptian television from 1990 until 1992. He is currently working as a calligrapher and graphic designer at El Gomhoria newspaper from 1992 until now.He participated in the founding of the General Egyptian Association for Arabic Calligraphy in 1994. He received seven international awards in the Kufic script. He is Professor of Kufic calligraphy in the schools of Arabic calligraphy, at Ministry of Education. He is a Member of the Committee for Documentation and Classification of the Museum of Arabic Calligraphy in Alexandria. He is a Member of the Committee for Writing the Book of Decoration and Gilding at the Ministry of Education.He is a Member of the Arabic Calligraphy Committee at the Ministry of Education.He contributed to discovering many young talents of Arabic calligraphy artists in Egypt. He organized 140 national, international and private Arabic calligraphy exhibitions. He is a Member of the jury in several international competitions in Arabic calligraphy.He has holdings in several international museums from several Arab and European countries. He is a Lecturer in several countries in the field of Arabic calligraphy, decoration and Islamic architecture.He has publications in Al-Gomhoria Newspaper, Iqdati Newspaper, The Egyptian Gazette, (an English-speaking Newspaper ), Le Progrès Égyptien (a French-speaking newspaper), Al-Ahram, Nisf Al-Dunya Magazine, Huriyati (My Freedom) Magazine, the Kuwaiti Al-Anbaa Newspaper, the Emirates Gulf News, The Saudi City Newspaper, as well as And the book of Arabic calligraphy, published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Encyclopedia of Arabic Calligraphy between the العبارات التشكيلية and communicative systems, Issued by the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts, “The House of Wisdom”, “From Istanbul to Timbuktu” book, issued by the University of Cape Town, South Africa, “Celebrating the International Day of the Arabic Language” book, issued by the Egyptian Cultural Center in Nigeria and some publications of Arabic calligraphy exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates.