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شيرين خليل

Sherine Khalil

 is a Community Health Specialist who works in awareness and early detection of Breast Cancer. In her early years  she had an affinity for both Art and Science, and believed that the two are deeply connected. Her love  for science led her to Medicine, but meanwhile she nurtured her love for art which led her to the Jameel House  of Traditional Arts in Cairo, in 2016. She studied Islamic art for two years and specialized in gypsum stained glass and carving. Her graduation project from Art Jameel was a depiction of the female entity in Egyptian culture. Sherine also joined the Practical Calligrapher program with Qalam institute, where she studied Kufic Calligraphy. She presented a glass mosaic workshop under Qalam. With her gypsum carvings and stained glass and mosaic works, Sherine participated in two Art Jameel  Exhibitions and an exhibition in Bayt Yakan.  Sherine is also a writer and has two published novels in English