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طه عبدالناصر

Taha Abdul-Nasser

Egyptian artist, born in Giza. He holds a diploma in Arabic calligraphy 2008. He studied at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, and then began to teach the art of Arabic calligraphy. He won a prize in the Arabic calligraphy competition held in Saudi Arabia in 2011, in addition to many certificates of appreciation. He has participated in several art exhibitions. He also set up an individual exhibition in Greece that included more than 30 artworks. He participated in the program “Rihlat ul-Mohib”, using the art of Arabic calligraphy to display on the Al-Nas channel, and he has many holdings in different countries, such as: Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, America, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. He has also taught the art of Arabic calligraphy in a number of archaeological sites and universities.