Experimental Version


The school offers educational programs to revive the arts of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration and their functional applications in the heart of Historic Cairo with a modern methodology through artists with artistic, educational and technical expertise.

A new project launched by the "Al-Qalam School for the Art of Arabic Calligraphy" coinciding with the selection of "Cairo as the Capital of Islamic Culture" 2020 AD, and an embodiment of our strategic objectives by highlighting "historic Cairo as the capital of the Islamic creative economy." In the first season of the Arabic calligraphy endowment,al qalam artists provide detailed and high-quality explanations of eight types of Arabic calligraphy, categorized and arranged, starting from single letters through their connections to sentences and exercises, as well as an explanation of calligraphy tools and their materials, with an explanation of ways to use calligraphy and motifs on 6 different materials, with a translation in English offered online and for free, so you can use it any time anywhere. This project comes in response to the digital shift that al qalam is adopting in its services, and is supported in its implementation by the innovation “egypt innovate”- Bank of Alexandria. To support the continuity of learning to overcame the challenges arising from the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic now and also in the future, hoping that the endowment will be a reason for spreading this art and making it popular for people; And a rock in the foundation of a new linear renaissance.