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The store provides supplies of Arabic calligraphy, ornamentation, decoration, gilding and ebro from various sources at fair prices and high quality. To make it easier for calligraphers. We have the finest quality pens, inks and inkwells, papers, tables and accessories, as well as gifts of linear and decorative accessories.

Mohamed SoLiMan
Mohamed SoLiMan
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منتجات رائعه، تعامل راقي وحرص على ارضاء العميل
Rasha Abboudy
Rasha Abboudy
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Most authentic place ever. Highly recommended...
Nada Zien Elden
Nada Zien Elden
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مكان رائع وممتازين شخصيات جميلة بتحب كل ما هو جميل ❤️
Marwa Gadallah
Marwa Gadallah
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الأدوات الخطية التي تقدمها القلم - من أقلام وأحبار وأوراق - ذات جودة عالية وهي جميلة جدًا. Al-Qalam offers beautiful tools for Arabic calligraphy from qalams to inks to sketchbooks and papers. The quality is great and they're wonderful to use.

“Professional Bag 1”

380 EGP

"Professional Bag 1"
Bag contents:
Fabric bag
Stainless steel pen 1 mm
 Non-slotted bamboo 2 mm
 Ebony 3 mm thick
 Java 4 mm
Bamboo Tumar 6 mm
Aluminum pen 8 mm
Ink - Training 55ml,
Imported silk-colored glass inkwell,
1 set of shiny crochet sheets
Usage Instructions Folded.


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