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الورش التدريبية

Al-Qalam School offers educational programs that contribute to the revival of Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Ornaments and their practices. All programs are held in the heart of historic Cairo and are delivered by artists with great educational and technical expertise who are using modern strategies and methodologies. The programs, for instance, cover:

  • All types of Arabic scripts; each is divided into three stages: single letters (Al-Mufradāt), joined letters (Al- Murakabāt) and words.
  • Geometric patterns and floral ornaments: Islamic illumination and gold preparation.
  • Improving your handwriting courses (with pens)
  • Inscription of Arabic Calligraphy on canvas and walls.
  • Designing and creating brand logos
  • Applying Arabic Calligraphy on different materials in a very modern way.
  • Creating and forming Arabic Calligraphy Wall Art.
  • Typeface design and Digital typography.
  • Paper marbling (Ebru Art).

If you want to enroll in the upcoming programs and workshops, whether in groups or individually, online or in a classroom at Al-Qalam, do not hesitate to contact us.