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أحمد فايز

Ahmed Fayez

Ahmed Fayez, an artist, and a business owner graduated from fine arts,with a passion towards art and design. My business covers a diverse range of projects in the industry of interior design and wood-making business with  experience of 15+ years  in  commercial,  residential, and  corporate   projects Being  born  in a country  like  Egypt, that  has  so  many  potentials  and   a diverse scape of historic architecture  allowed me  to  grow  a  passion   for Islamic architecture and I slami c patterns. This passion pushed me to venture i n studying woodworking related to ancient I slamic wood    assembly and inspired me to try to create a  contemporary  style  of   design that mixes Islamic art with modern architecture. To pursue my   passion  to  grow  my Islamic knowledge, I also studied Islamic calligraphy, like Kufic and musahfy. And this allowed me to incorporate this knowledge as an artist as well as an interior designer